Praise for Broken Heart




  Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite


Broken Heart by Martha Ramirez is a story about a little girl who is going through heart surgery. The book is helpful for children who have congenital heart problems. Julia has a broken heart. That is what her mother tells her twin sister, Stefanie. She is sad that her sister is going to be away in the hospital for a while. Her mother reassures Stephanie that Julia is going to be okay and there is nothing to worry about. She buys a heart shaped basket from the supermarket and makes a 'get well soon card' with hearts on it. The whole family is waiting for Julia's surgery to be over. They wait for hours and finally, when the surgery is over, the family gets to see Julia.

It's a beautiful story that is heart warming and compassionate, showing kids how to handle pain and trauma in their lives. The story also shows the bond between the two sisters and the love they share. The support the family gives each other during times like these are also to be noted.

The illustrations are colorful and vivid and they breathe life and movement into the characters and the scenes. The book is an excellent bedtime storybook as well as a good book to be used in read aloud sessions in classrooms and libraries. It a story that teaches children many new things and concepts and also the importance of prayers, family and support in their own lives. 





"Martha Ramirez has crafted an engaging, thoughtful and instructive tale about a young girl going through heart surgery. Broken Heart is suitable for elementary school ages as not only an endearing story but also a good teaching tool for children undergoing hospitalization or surgery of any kind."


—Jordyn Redwood, pediatric ER nurse and author of the Bloodline Trilogy.





"Broken Heart is a delightful story that will help children with congenital heart problems, as well as their families, better cope with the process of heart surgery."


—Paula Lasky Price, PA-C, MPH




"Broken Heart written by Martha Ramirez is a positive story for children who are facing the experience of open heart surgery, whether it is they themselves or someone they love.  Martha expertly weaves important messages within the story eloquently conveying the importance of trusting in God, one’s parents, prayer and being supportive for other people."


—Rhonda Schwantes, RN.





"Broken Heart is a touching story told through the perspective of Stefanie, a seven year old girl whose twin sister has a heart birth defect. It walks us through this scary process with the endearing innocence of a child. Broken Heart shows children that we might encounter frightening situations, but with family around us we can get through it."

                                                           —Paty Vieyra, 3rd grade teacher




"A touching story of two sisters and the love that supports them during difficult times. I would recommend this book to anyone whose children are dealing with the trauma of having a family member go through heart surgery."


—Jane E.Crosson,M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Division of Pediatric Cardiology

@The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine




Praise for Gonzo the Curious Cat 




"A cute children’s story, Gonzo “The Curious Cat,” by Martha Ramirez, gives young readers an opportunity to follow Gonzo through many experiences
bringing valuable lessons.  In Gonzo “The Curious Cat,” Farmer Louie’s reminder of safety first is delivered as everyone on the farm finds themselves in compromised positions. Parents will be delighted to read with their children and know they are sharing messages that will help keep their children safe. However, some of the vocabulary used may be difficult for the young readers to understand without assistance.  The lessons are some of the most critical to the safety of children from cars, strangers, fires, and much more.  Together parents and children can use this book to develop a line of communication to address these issues."

GhostWriter Literary Reviews 




“Gonzo the curious cat is a wonderful telling of a mischievous cat named Gonzo and his barnyard friends.

Through many misadventures, Gonzo learns that safety should always come first. Very poignant, a great read!”

Children’s Literary Reviews




 “Gonzo the Curious Cat is a charming story for children of all ages. This story is informative and it teaches children about safety in a fun and frolicking tale. Gonzo gets himself into some pretty tricky predicaments and pays the price because he wasn’t practicing “safety first.” I enjoyed the author’s choice in character names and I think that children will be able to not only enjoy Gonzo the Curious Cat but will also be able to learn from this story as well.

Well done! 5  Stars

Children’s Author, Mj Daley-Prado



"Curiosity in both kittens and kids is a good thing, not a bad thing. Their inquisitive, prying nature helps them learn about their exciting, wonderful world. Snoopy cats and kids are bold and creative like Gonzo the cat.

However, danger lurks in their inexperience—like the time my kitten leaped off the top of the china cabinet and broke her knee. Not fun! She had to stay in a cage for six weeks with a bright pink wrap around the knee. Being a kitten, she had to play; so she did cart wheels around the cage and broke the other knee!

Now that she is older, she still leaps off the china cabinet, but she has the adult skills to avoid sports injuries.

Like my adventurous cat Callie, Gonzo the Cat is a good little cat who learns from his mistakes. And he listens to adults who give him tips to keep him safe, so that he can avoid some nasty adventures, such as pulling hot chocolate down on himself from the stove. Experience forges common sense, but many experiences are best learned vicariously!

I loved Martha's delightful book, with its charming characters and colorful artwork laced with humor."

Karen Ohl 




What a CAT!!

Gonzo is an adorable book! I bought it for my granddaughter, who will be four years old in April, and I know she will love it! This little kitty gets into lots of misadventures, but fortunate for him his owner loves him and watches out for him! Gonzo learns the rules of Safety First in all kinds of situations! Lots of darling little animals in the book too!Teaching children good animal info and having loads of fun doing it! Martha does a wonderful job on this great kiddie book! I think it would be a very good addition to any child's personal library.

V. K. Sansone, Author of "A Daunting Quest For Quincy & Quigley" and other kiddie books





Praise  for The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog




"Run and play with Fred the Frog and all his outdoor friends! Share adventures on lily pads and singing his favorite songs. Spend the day with Fred doing all the fun things frogs do.

With its fun tone and great detail, this book would be great for kids who love pictures. It has all the qualities that could even make it a fun cable kid’s show, like The Wonder Pets or The Backyardigan’s.  It’s cute and adventurous and I’d read it to my nieces and nephews."


GhostWriter Literary Reviews


"The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog is a fun "romp through the swamp" with Fred and his colorful group of friends. Young children will enjoy the upbeat rhymes, and will get caught up in Fred's dilemma as he has to make a difficult choice. "

Chris Dempsey, published poet, script writer, and 7th grade English teacher at La Loma JHS



"Author Martha Ramirez shows true originality with these special characters she brought to life. Any child would truly delight in the wonderful rhymes of Fred and his boisterous friends as they have adventure after adventure in the pond they call home. The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog is sure to be an instant classic,that will be read for generations to come"

Children's Literary Reviews



"The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog is a delightful rhyming book about a charismatic and friendly frog named Fred.  Within its five short stories readers will be introduced to Fred’s pond, friends, and discover his birthday wish. A perfect read aloud for primary grade students.  The author uses great descriptive language which allows children to visualize and imagine how wonderful life would be at the pond.  Its rhythmical stories will not only keep young readers entertained but also teaches them the value of life and friendship.  It is child friendly, engaging, and charming!"


Classroom use:  Perfect choice to use for teaching rhyming, visualization, connections, and descriptive writing.  It can also be use as springboard to inspire young writers (students) to write about their friends, homes, and birthday wishes.

Griselda Jáuregui ,  First Grade Teacher



 "I  just  adored  the  little  rhyme time story!!!!!

I liked  the rhyming words. A cute story. I like how it had describing words and verbs."

Jessica Fernandez, 3rd grader



 "I have read this book in its entirety, and it was a delightful read. Martha Ramirez used a rhyming in sequence through out the entire manuscript, this is an incredible feat to accomplish, the author has indeed accomplished this, and proved very well. She has created characters beyond our imaginations, and has described the characters in depth and their environment.
Many different characters are used in this book, each character was given a unique name and details upon their characteristics. The Author gave a hint of their personality and in doing so kept the reader quite interested through out.
This book will enable children and young readers to identify different types of animals and improve their vocabulary, and perhaps teach them the concept of rhyming. This book will fit quite nicely into the children's literature genre.

Overall: Authors work speaks for itself, book was created on pure talent."


Jeremy Smiley, Author of Mice City



"The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog stimulate the imagination of all who read it.  As you get to know Fred, you begin to imagine what his environment looks and sounds like and what his friends are like too.  Although this book is written for young children, it will also capture those young at heart.  Allow your mind to be free as you rhyme your way through the life of a frog named Fred and his adventures in the wonderful world he lives in."

Janet Holderbein
Elementary School Counselor